I used to have very healthy regular stools until I took antibiotic for a tooth removal. The side effect was diarrhea. Since I hardly took antibiotic in my life, I thought I got food poison or stomach flu. A couple days later I stopped the antibiotic, but the damage was done. The antibiotic killed the… Read More

I used to have cold hands and feet all year long since I was a kid in Taiwan. The winter on the east coast is way colder than in Taiwan, so my hands and feet were even colder. However, ginger tea has kept me out of cold extremities for years. Ginger tea is a common… Read More

Several years ago I found a natural remedy for cold—Traditional Medicinals Gypsy Cold Care® Tea: 32 TEA Bags. I like its minty and slightly sweet taste. It accompanied me through this winter nicely without a single cold. Every time when the first cold symptom started—itchy throat, a cup of this tea would just bring back… Read More

I love to eat, but I used to have stomach problems, acid reflux, stomach pain, and stomach ulcer starting from my childhood. Taking medicines for years didn’t solve any problems. After an endoscopy without anesthesia at 29, I swore to take good care of my stomach so that I don’t need to have that dreadful… Read More

Non-fiction                       Fiction Paulo Coelho is my favorite spiritual story teller, but I know many traditional fiction lovers don’t like his work. All his novels have a spiritual ending which is very different from traditional novels. The other big difference is that his novels have very few… Read More

For introverts, check whether you’re a highly sensitive person, like me, at this website. If you are, we’re normal.        I’ve regained my low self-esteem by reading self help books and doing all exercises. I believe my spiritual growth also helps with my self esteem. Please check out my recommended reading list for… Read More

I’m very grateful to receive THREE 5 star reviews from Readers’ Favorites. They are the opinions from strangers, not from my supporters. They mean a lot to me because I had doubt about my book when writing it. I didn’t know whether my book would be readable or helpful to anyone. One review by Ray… Read More

Have you ever wondered how you are going to stand out, make more money or get the promotion that you think you deserve? If you are in the IT field, you’re likely competing with immigrants who were all top notch from wherever they came from. How can you outperform them? You are not alone. Many… Read More