Have you ever wondered how you are going to stand out, make more money or get the promotion that you think you deserve?

If you are in the IT field, you’re likely competing with immigrants who were all top notch from wherever they came from. How can you outperform them?

You are not alone. Many people struggle in the workplace and excellent technical skills without soft skills may cause people’s undoing.

In February of 2011, my supervisor presented me my annual performance increase and bonus letter. Under the incentive bonus section, there was a bold sentence that I had never seen before:

“However, you were selected along with a small number of other employees to receive a larger bonus due to your significant contributions to our 2010 goals . . .”

My supervisor said that for two years in a row, my performance review scores had been in the top handful of the thousand employees of the company.

As an introvert, I joined the company in 2007 as a computer programmer, and received a 20 percent salary increase within the first 16 months, including a promotion. Although my boss had joked that she wanted to clone me, I was surprised by this recognition because it was never my goal or dream to be a top performer. I thought everyone else was doing the same.

In this practical self-help guidebook, I will help you reach the top with my principles and mindsets which also heal my low self esteem. It contains real stories, examples and techniques with almost no theories.

If you’re just out of school, congratulations! Now is the best time to establish your habits based on these 9 simple ways, so you can benefit for the rest of your life.

If you’re in the middle of your career, reinforcing these soft skills may advance you to the next level.

If you’ve struggled in performance, you also need this book to examine the health of your career while building the habits and soft skills.

I have enjoyed working with people who shared the same attitude, and I believes that everyone can be a top performer by applying my methods. If everyone behaves like a top performer, then the workplace in corporate America can become enjoyable.

You can be a top performer. The time to start is now!

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