I’m very grateful to receive THREE 5 star reviews from Readers’ Favorites. They are the opinions from strangers, not from my supporters. They mean a lot to me because I had doubt about my book when writing it. I didn’t know whether my book would be readable or helpful to anyone.

One review by Ray Simmons especially touches my heart. He confirmed not only the value of my book, but also we’re all connected on the soul level. I’m glad my book also encourages him to advise young people. Such ripple effect is beyond my expectation, but we need that to make workplace and this world better.

Below is his full review. Thank you, Ray!


I grew up thinking that there was no worker on earth who worked as hard as the American worker. I thought that for a very long time until I finally realized that there are great workers and terrible workers in every country. America doesn’t have a monopoly on good workers. If it did, fewer American companies would build factories in other nations. I have come to believe that individual family values, much more than shared national traits, are the key to creating a good worker. Iris Yu believes the same thing. In You Can Be a Top Performer, she lets us know that her father was her teacher and role model when it comes to having a great work ethic. This is easy for me to believe because my father is mine.

You Can Be a Top Performer: 9 Simple Ways To Advance Your Career by Iris Yu was a delight to read because it is well written, well organized, and full of interesting, useful advice. It is filled with helpful examples. I liked the writing style. It is direct, plain, and very personal. But what made it a great read for me is that it validated my own opinions about work habits and attitudes. The thinking of myself and Iris Yu is very much in sync on this subject, and seeing these ideas laid out so simply and beautifully has encouraged me to advise young people I know, who need this kind of advice as they enter the work force. If you know a young man or woman who may need guidance as they set out in their career, give them this book.

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