I love to eat, but I used to have stomach problems, acid reflux, stomach pain, and stomach ulcer starting from my childhood. Taking medicines for years didn’t solve any problems. After an endoscopy without anesthesia at 29, I swore to take good care of my stomach so that I don’t need to have that dreadful procedure again.

It was like an alien going into my mouth, and I couldn’t pull it out nor close my mouth. The doctor operated the black tube like playing yo-yo in a Chinese martial art way while I was drooling all over. He even asked me to watch my two old ulcers on the screen when I felt like dying (of course I didn’t watch). Not to mention I lost appetite for 5 days afterward.

Based on my experiences in the pharmaceutical industry, I don’t believe in drugs because most of them can’t fix the problem (reducing symptoms is often the best result) and are likely to create new problems (side effects). Read the list of side effects before you take any pills.

So how do I heal my stomach problems? I listen to my body. I observe and analyze what upsets my stomach and stop eating them. Therefore, no a glass of drink while eating or right after having a meal, no spicy food, no MSG, no greasy food with layers of complicated flavors such as a 6-inch hamburger. But everyone is different; you may be fine doing what my body dislikes. And you can feel good and eat well by listening to your body.

Occasionally when my stomach doesn’t feel right, I would slowly take half teaspoon of Wedderspoon Raw Premium Manuka Honey KFactor 16+, 17.6 Ounce and let it gradually melt in my mouth and then swallow it. In about 30 minutes the discomfort would be gone. This honey is an anti-inflammation and my life saver.

I believe nature and our body are the best healers if we let them do the work.

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