Several years ago I found a natural remedy for cold—Traditional Medicinals Gypsy Cold Care® Tea: 32 TEA Bags. I like its minty and slightly sweet taste. It accompanied me through this winter nicely without a single cold. Every time when the first cold symptom started—itchy throat, a cup of this tea would just bring back my normal health.

This winter has been brutal and I’m really looking forward to the spring. However, it also means the allergy season is coming soon too.

I’m allergic to lilac and some tree pollen and avoid walking outside by 11:00am (pollen is most active in the morning). My normal symptoms are sinus pain, headache, runny nose, itchy throat and mouth. Local honey does not work for me. Since I dislike taking any medicines, I have taken lots of antioxidants and learned to tolerate the dis-ease, including the terrible itchiness at night.

Luckily I accidentally found out that this tea also helps with throat and mouth itchiness caused by pollen. I would drink about five cups a day and the itchiness would be gone. Thus, I keep this tea in my pantry all the time.

Thank you, Traditional Medicinals!

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