My name is Iris and I am really grateful for the internet which opens the door to all kinds of information at our fingertips, and those who take the time to share their ideas and experiences. I’ve learned so much from them, expanded my life experience, got better deals and avoided many mistakes. Therefore, here’s my turn to share mine.

I enjoy simple and light cooking but prefer not to spend too much time cooking. So I’ll share how to prepare delicious food efficiently. If you would like to try my recipes, I highly recommend you taste and adjust the seasoning per your liking. Everyone can be a good cook as long as we learn the basic and use our tongue to taste during cooking. For me, I always cut sugar and oil from any American recipes. Therefore, you may find my food bland and want to add sugar or grease. That’s perfectly fine by me.

I love to explore the world–but found it tiring traveling often, and have seen wonderful things. I tend to plan my trips extensively, so I can get the most out of them at the lowest cost possible.

I live a simple life with a focus on personal and spiritual growth and is open to all the positive opportunities the universe has to offer. I love to read and write stories, dance, grow my own food, and learn from nature.